Sable Breeding Project

The Sable project was introduced to The Ranch Conservancy during September 2010. It was an initiative taken to expand on the already diverse antelope species available to see on the property. A start-up herd of five females, three female calves and one bull was introduced. It was felt that having one of Africa’s most majestic antelope species on the conservancy would create new excitement amongst guests visiting and allow them the opportunity to see them in real life.

Due to Sable being very particular about their environment, competition and selective grazing habits it was decided that a camp had to be built within the conservancy. The camp has been divided into two, a winter and summer camp, with the size of each measuring 10 hectares. At the centre of the camps is a boma that the sable use to drink water and use as shelter.

Since inception, the breeding herd has overwhelmed everyone’s expectations. Today the herd’s size has reached 18 strong and continues to grown.

The bull is reputed to have one of the largest horns in South Africa, measuring over 48 inches. His track record to now has shown that all but one offspring has produced females.