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Horse Riding

The Ranch Resort offers the opportunity for some of the greatest game viewing in the African bush – from horseback. You can canter along open sandy tracks or traverse high ridges with spectacular vistas. The pace can be as fast or relaxed as the riders would like. Often we can get so close to the game that the experience remains unforgettable.

We have fit, reliable and responsive horses, providing a choice for both the professional rider and the absolute beginner. (You do not need to have ridden before). Each ride is led by a competent guide and the emphasis is on safety at all times. The enthusiastic rider may wish to ride twice daily and turn their stay into a luxury riding safari. Families or couples, where some ride and others don’t, can enjoy separate activities.. Basic lessons for non-riders are available at the ranch resort; many guests learn to ride and gain confidence here.

Tack and equipment: Saddles are locally for long hours in the saddle. No client will be allowed to ride with us unless they are wearing a riding hat so we do stock a selection of sizes. We do, however, recommend that you bring your own well-fitted helmet if you plan to spend many an hour in the saddle. Wide brim hat covers are advisable. In order to be covered by both your own and our insurers the wearing of riding helmets are compulsory. Our weight limit is 100 kg.


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