Four NEW baby Cubs at The Ranch

The cubs that were born at the Ranch were on the 26th January 2013

The Father of the cubs is a lion by the name of Jack he is one of the oldest lions in captivity he is currently the ripe old age of 31 in the wild lions are lucky to get to 20. He lives a life of luxury at Protea Hotel Ranch Resort.

Jack is famous for his career in his younger days when he was an actor in the Gods must be crazy, The Ghost in the Darkness and his list of films goes on. Jack has been in retirement for a while but his legacy will never be forgotten and neither will his films. The fact that his jeans will continue into our future make us incredible fortunate.

The Mother of the cubs is a young lion by the name of Jane she was born at the Ranch over 10 years ago, clearly Jack likes younger women!!

All four of the cubes are incredible healthy. Who knows what the future holds for them all we do know it will be great. And it will educate people on the beauty of these predators.

Interesting facts about our little cubs:

  • They drink a mixture of cow’s milk, eggs, Pronutro and a specialized supplement
  • Each cub eats 5 to 6 times a day
  • Each serving is about 500ml


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