Supersport United are ready for the 2016/2017 season

Training in the months leading up to a PSL season can be crucial to a team’s success. It’s a time for players to enhance technique and skills, get match ready for the year ahead and most importantly, have fun (without the pressures of winning and losing).

A good training regime will also prevent short and long-term injuries. Players who miss pre-season could go through more muscle strain and tiredness once the season is underway. They want all the energy you can get!

Skill practice is ideal, especially whilst players are fresh and not fatigued after matches and mid-season training.

Run like the wind. Running will decrease the risk of injury. In particular short, high intensity running is perfect for football, soccer and rugby training.

Warming up and cooling down exercises before and after training can prevent injury.

Keep hydrated.

Change the exercises up. Cover a range of different intensities, duration and venues.

Don’t overdo it. Rest after exercise with water and consume carbohydrate-rich foods.

At the end of a quality pre-season camp this month, The Ranch Team wishes Supersport Utd all the best for the 2016/2017 season.


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