The Jonas Community Project

During the first few days of my stay at The Ranch. I learned of an on-going food project. The Ranch employees would pack food and deliver it to a local pre-school called “Jonas Kgapho”. The pre-school was left in a tough situation with very little help and no government support. The school contains sixty kids of the ages four and five years.

I was invited on the next excursion out of the school. We hoped into the car on our way to deliver the next load of food. I did not expect to see such a high number of small children in such a confined room with minimal equipment and resources.

The building was two small handmade rooms. You’d look inside and see all these kids with wooden blocks as toys and they would stare back at you and capture your heart.

We thought of all the small ways we could help these kids. We went and bought sixty colouring books and pack of crayons to give to them. Our prayers were answered as a big wedding was being hosted this week. The guests were asked to bring a small gift to donate to the less fortunate.

The Ranch member and I organized piles and piles of clothing and toys to give to the school. We packed all the boxes into the car and left to deliver the donantion.

The kids all peered out from their classroom as we un-packed the boxes. That day we gave the school many books, toys, clothes and food. Thanks to the hard work of the Ranch staff.

We hope to continue this project and raise money to build a standard classroom with more education and resources for the kids.

Written by: Perryn Thiessen






  1. Annamaria Hayward

    This is awesome… Thank you to everyone making those children smile… Believing in the good of people!
    Today’s children is tomorrow’s leaders, right?
    God Speed in keeping up the good work.

  2. Hi, I think this project and what you are doing for these children is great. Do you still do it? I would love to take part in it and help.


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